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How did you discover Raven’s Brew?

“i married your sister, and found out about your coffee. even though we are no longer together, i still love your brew. the best coffee i have ever had and recommend it to the coffee 'freaks' i meet. besides, trolls' art work is worth every penny, but then you get great coffee !!”
—T. Funk, Salem, Oregon

“We were browsing in a Lassen's grocery store and the spirit of the Raven led us to the coffee aisle. Right at eye level were all the varieties and the Billy Goat caught my attention above the others. That night we brewed our first cup of Billy Goat coffee and loved it. I have already purchased online the Ha Ha Coffee Set & a Billy Goat t-shirt for my husband, because he can be a pecker too. Thank you for a wonderful product that not only is high quality but has a world conscience.”
—M. Mendoza, Santa Maria, California

“I was working in the fishing industry on Dutch Harbor in 2002. When we had time off a group of us would get together and explore the island. It was in a ship supply store that we came across the Ravens Brew Coffee. We all had a good laugh at the graffics and decides to try some. Wonderfull!!!! We all went back and got t-shirts for friends and family at home. I have a Wicked Wolf tee, as I was the Grandmother of the group. Everytime I look at the shirt it reminds me of the good friends I made there. We are still in touch and still remember when we found Ravens Brew.”
—B. Keller, Union, Oregon

“I was taking a much needed break from a cold prairie winter (I live in Calgary, Alberta). I was walking along a dusty street just outside of the town of San Pedro in Belize. I noticed a brown rag in the dirt; since my friend had just bought a place and we needed cleaning rags i stopped to pick it up. But it was not just a rag it was one of your tee shirts. It did not make it to the cleaning rag pile. I am currently wearing it sitting in a motel in Utah on my way to Bryce Canyon. If your coffee is even half as good as your tee shirt I really look forward to trying it sometime!”
—P. Grant, Calgary, Alberta

“We were on our honeymoon in Alaska. It was a cold morning in Denali and I was craving a cup of coffee. This heavenly aroma was pouring out of the little coffee shop, along with a line just as long. I waited a half hour for a cup, and it turned out to be Raven's Brew. Not only was I in love with my new husband, I fell in love with a new coffee. Thank you, Raven's Brew, for fulfilling all of my wildest coffee dreams!”
—K. Stewart, Andover, Minnesota

“My wife and I were on an Alaskan Cruise a few years ago. I like good coffee; my wife CRAVES good strong coffee. It seemed like everywhere we went on off-boat excursions, we would find at least one store selling Raven's Brew coffees. We were both amazed that we were finding high quality roasted coffee available from a company roasting their own beans right there, in of all places, Alaska! We howled at the little slogans on the labels on some of the blends Our personal favorite is, "Granny's gone but the coffee's on." Actually kind of sums up our attitude toward good coffee. On our last stop, in Ketchikan, we decided to buy small bags of several blends. We have since order much coffee for ourselves and often make a gift to our coffee loving friends. Whenever we serve coffee at dinner with friends and/or family, it is inevitable that someone will not just comment on the coffee, but want to know where they can get some. We won't expect a finder's fee, but knowing that word of mouth (not to mention actual tasting experience) is the best form of advertising, know that we have sent a lot of business your way. For a brief period, actually a couple of years, the economy did not allow us to maintain our regular supply of Raven's Brew coffee. I'm happy to say we are back on track and Raven's Brew is back in our budget!”
—J. Stone, Rutland, Vermont

“A friend recently sent me a Brew Ha Ha gift set as a thank you gift. She knows that I am a discerning coffee drinker. I refined my palate while working at Peet's Coffee & Tea for a few years. I love your coffee! I also love that you are in Tumwater, Washington, as I was born in Tacoma and raised in Corvallis, Oregon. I happen to think that awesome stuff comes out of the Pacific Northwest.”
—K. Broaddus, Athens, Georgia

“It was my 20th birthday in 2011, I was at a bar/grill/restaurant I regularly attend in Everett called A.F.K Tavern, celebrating with friends, enjoying company talking about life, video games, the usual and then my oldest friend walks through the door and slaps a bag of Deadman's Reach on the table in front of me and says, "Here's some coffee beans for Bean, its the greatest coffee you'll ever have my friend, trust me." I have always been a coffee nut, Friends joke about it nonstop since my last name is Bean, I have tried it in so many brewing styles, Roasts and so on, But he handed me Deadman's Reach, I brewed it that morning, in my French press, like a true gentleman. I spent my morning Reading the news on Reddit and drinking this amazing coffee, Ever since then I have been hooked. I have purchased all kinds available in my area, consumed it, shared with friends. To this day Billy Goat is still my all time favorite roast that I have ever had. Then almost a year ago a young lady named Jill started working at my franchised restaurant I was employed with. She informed me she is from Alaska and that she used to work for you. I cried tears of jealousy as I shook her hand and told her that she is now a legend in my eyes. To me, ravens brew, is about legendary peace of mind. Zen, Focus and relaxation. From the minute I tasted your nectar of the gods I realized that's what coffee means to me. Thank you K. Reed for showing me this legendary coffee.”
—B. Bean, Everett, Washington

“During a rest stop on the bus to a glacier tour, I ordered a latte and discovered Raven's Brew. Not only did I buy a Skookum coffee cup, I located the coffee in Anchorage and packed some home. I ordered one of the Ray Troll 'Skookum' posters to go with the cup, which found a place on the wall at the newspaper office, where I was news editor. By happenstance, the Rainbow Gathering ended up at Skookum Meadows on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest that year, and I had numerous visitors,from event participants to Forest Service and local law enforcement. All were impressed that I had the Skookum poster and cup, and I believe I made at least a coffee convert or two. Now that I am retired and confined to a decaf existence, I am relieved to find my favorite Skookum blend can also be purchased in unleaded.”
—J. Grammon, Carson, Washington

“I have a tattoo of a raven on my head, so when I was visiting in Whitehorse I had to try out your brew, and also bought a coffee mug. In the Yukon you are either Wolf or Crow clan, although I am Gwichin from NWT, I choose Raven. It is nice to know that we share the connection of Ravens and good coffee, I will choose your products whenever I can. We know that Raven has a special place in most native culture, and also in my heart, Head, and taste for rich coffees.”
—B. Vogt, Ft. McMurray, Alberta

“I lived in Port Huron for 23 years and only discovered The Raven Coffee House when I was 16. I spent a great deal of my time there experiencing coffee and food. I have said it and will continue to say that the coffee is the best I have ever had. Three Peckered till I die! I recently moved to Toledo, OH and I can't very well drive 2 hours back home just for coffee. I'm terribly excited that there is a site to where I can order your decadent coffee and have it delivered! Keep up the splendid work and I look forward to participate in tasting the best coffee on planet earth! It truly is 'The last legal high'!”
—S. Reid, Toledo, Ohio

“My brother and I have been helping our Dad with an old cabin on Prince of Wales Island AK. (P.O.W.), we were always going for supplys, and food can be a bit expensive. When in the Klawok grocery store I went to find the milk...$5.40 a gallon,... so when I fell over, I landed against a shelf with the Raven's brew coffee logo. And that's how I discovered Dead Man's Reach. A simple marketing ploy no doubt (kidding) but effective! It's been my coffee ever since ! (True Story)”
—M. Ziegler, Montrose, Colorado

“I love this coffee. i bought the double pack of wicked wolf. i was going to give a bag to my aunt and uncle. But they said they wernt doing gift exchange. So i brewed some up today. it is so awesome. i love the fact it does not give me indigestion and it is not bitter. i will be ordering more”
—J. Moras, San Francisco, California

“In the late 90's our company, Reynolds & Associates, a direct mail company was marketing to consumers in Japan, Australia and Canada. We had done our marketing homework and learned that Japanese people drink more coffee than tea. Much to our surprise! R&A President searched the Internet for a coffee product offered at wholesale prices. He quickly discovered Raven's Brew! We also knew Japanese people are extremely particular about high quality products. The excellent graphics on the Raven's Brew products proved to be the clincher. Our problem was solved. In order to acquire new customers, increase the order value coupled with a quality product we quickly ordered 200 units of the Ravens Brew coffee. When delivered the delivery truck driver related to us his truck never smelled so good with the coffee aroma and likewise our reception area. P.S. Our mailing was a huge success.”
—EJ Reynolds, Las Vegas, Nevada

“High in the Coastal Range of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California there is a very old and very hip grocery story called ... The Summit Store. My beloved Tom, always on the prowl for the perfect coffee and who isn't above combining several just to get the right stuff, brought home from the Summit Store a bag of Raven's Brew. I scoffed at this further attempt to perfect our morning brew. But as is his way – Tom persisted and I at last lifted a cup of the House Blend to my lips and took my first sip. Nothing has satisfied me since. And the miracle is your coffee has united us where no coffee has been able to before. And it has put an end to the skulking about that Tom does in pursuit of the perfect coffee. So... Thank You!”
—S. Aiken, Sunnyvale, California

“My very best friend invited me to share her motel room while she was attending a librarian's conference in Monterey, California. This was before I moved here to live! So, luckily she decided to spend a few extra days in good old Califas and we went driving down the Cabrillo Highway, trying to see if my phobia of heights would make me upchuck my lunch, which it almost did. So the only way to prevent total freak-out was to stop for a cup of coffee in a very cute, totally California coastline pit-stop. So, browsing a local grocery store, Raven's brew's really cool looking label caught my eye. So I took home a bag, and from that point on, I've been buying it, 5 lbs a pop!”
—L. Woodford, Alameda, California


“Many years ago when I was the sole proprietor of a local coffeehouse in Akron, Ohio I was looking for something that would set me apart from all of the other coffeehouses popping up everywhere. That's when I stumbled upon Raven's Brew Coffee. I began serving Deadman's Reach as my daily brew. It was a huge hit!! My shop closed in 2000, but people still ask me about Deadman's Reach!! I am, and always will be a loyal fan of Raven's Brew Coffee.”
—C. Glunt, Cleveland, Ohio

“I lived in Fort Wainwright for, about, 5 years when I was in the Army. I would buy it at a store (that I can't remember the name of) in Fairbanks; and when I was sent to Iraq from Alaska I ordered a lot of this awesome coffee by mail. It was the best taste in the world over there and def reminded me of home. Man, I miss Alaska....hopefully I'll be moving back next year, if all goes as planned.”
—B. Laws, Brownsburg, Indiana

“Up until the last few months I lived in Alaska. My boyfriend had lived there also but had moved down to Wisconsin to take care of his aging mom. His last name is Palazzo, so of course this means Italian...and also means "great connoisseur" of dark roast coffee, according to him anyway. I was browsing through Three Bears one day and noticed this coffee...saw the "Three Peckered BillyGoat" and laughed myself silly, knowing full well that even if this coffee was horrible, the name said it all about Mr. Palazzo. I was also told by one of the store clerks that was stacking the shelves that it was the most popular. So I grabbed it, along with the "Deadman's Reach" and the "Wicked Wolf" just because they too were dark roast..the Italian's favorite. And the names also cracked me up. I sent them off to him.... A week later I get a call. I was told that said "Italian" had opened the "Wicked Wolf" and fell on the ground in delirious agony...the smell was that incredible. He then pulled himself to the coffee maker and somehow managed to brew that unbelievable scent, hoping against all odds that the coffee tasted just a tinge as good as the aroma. His description of the wait whilst the slow slow drip coffee maker did it's thing was unlike the night before Christmas when your four years old. Finally the magic was done...and his hoped were not dashed. Mr. Perfecto claims that it's the best, most aromatic, rich, smooth, spicey, and of course darkest of dark roast he has ever tasted. I think he just keeps me as his girlfriend now so I will keep sending it. OH, and the "Three Peckered Billy Goat" he claims flavor is even better than the "Wolf's" but since he opened this one first its his first love. No kidding.”
—M. Wright, Algoma, Wisconsin

“I lived in Alaska 10 years and didn't find the coffee until about the last 4 years I was there. I lived outside of Wasilla and the Three Bears wholesale store on the Parks Highway was just a few miles from my home. I found the coffee there. I tried one type and loved it so much I couldn't wait to try them all, and try them I did. I began to give them as gifts and everyone loved the coffee! If I ran out, all I had to do was hop in the car, drive a couple miles and I'd find myself standing in front of the colorful display and have such a peaceful sense of contentment deciding which type I'd buy that day... I was ever so thankful that there, out in the middle of nowhere it seemed, I could get REALLY GOOD COFFEE! Then it came time to leave Alaska and move to Iowa. My last stop on the way to the airport was Three Bears to get as much coffee I could to stuff into my suitcase as well as a Priority Mail box stuffed to the brim that I mailed to my new address before I got to the airport. I went back to Alaska a year later and one of the first things I did was drive to Three Bears on the Parks - I know I could have gotten it in Anchorage but I wanted to get it where I used to always get it, somehow this was important. Once again I found myself standing in front of the wonderful Ravens Brew display having a true kumbaya moment. I bought as much as I could to carry home to Iowa; mostly Three Peckered Billy Goat since my coffee loving aficionado boyfriend just loves it. I am so glad to find your website where I can now order it and have it come to my doorstep. Thank you for the wonderful coffee experiences over these past years.”
—C. Kobi, Cedar Falls, Iowa

“My husband and I went on a cruise to Alaska for our 30th wedding anniversary in 2008. The ship, run by Cruise West, served Dead Man's Reach coffee. At first we were just amused by the logo. The more we drank it, the more we loved it. Now I order it by mail and it is just as wonderful! Love your sense of humor, love your coffee even more!”
—B. Yanik, Manchester, Missouri

“While living and working as a printing professional in Anchorage, AK I fell in love with the art of Ray Troll. We were reproducing some of his art at a print shop long since gone. I fell in love with the art first then I saw it! A bag of coffee on the shelf of an Alaska specialty items business. The name called out to me: Dead Man's Reach. Bought it immediately. Kept getting it when special friends or family came by and wanted to know what "weapons'grade" coffee was all about. I even bought the t-shirt which I ski and bike in to this very day. How cool that I now live where The Raven's Brew headquarters are located.”
—B. Roberson, Olympia, Washington

“Good Morning! Well, your coffee made it all the way over to Germany. On my last trip from Germany over Oregon and Washington to Arizona I found the "Wicked Wolf" and some other blends in an organic store along the way... how funny, now looking at it closely to explore it is from Washington, too. Back in 2000 I moved over to the US for three years and lived during the winter time in Vancouver, WA. Since than I am addicted to your country. And now this wonderful coffee. I already regret that I did not take more! It has an exceptional taste. Makes me wonder if I should come back next time without any baggage to be able to take enough coffee back with me. If you ever open an branch in Germany please let me know *smile* Really great stuff! Every coffee lover should try it! It is worth it! Sunny greetings from Germany.”
—M. Fabrizius, Braunschweig, Germany

“I lived near Seattle in the 90's and became a coffee addict, but when we moved to South Dakota I gave it up, since I could never get the quality I had become used to. When we were living in Lander, WY in 2007, the local christian bookstore was recently bought and turned into a coffee shop. So always having hope, I ventured in and discovered this guy knew what he was doing, low and behold he was from Washington, and was served me the most delicious skinny latte I had had in years or maybe ever! I asked what coffee he used and it was Raven's Brew. I was moving to Ketchikan in about 2 weeks, and he said "that's where this is roasted." When we got off the ferry on a Sunday and were cruising around town (literally not 30 minutes into our life in Ketchikan) and saw a drive thru espresso, OMG! Another perfect skinny latte, with Raven's Brew Three Peckered Billy Goat... the rest is history. Being able to go to Safeway every week and try another bag of perfection was really heaven on earth. Enjoying my Deadman's Reach, while looking out my window watching the Tongass Narrows traffic each morning, is one of the most cherished times of my life.”
—L. Hutchinson, Roosevelt, Utah

“About five years ago I was sent to Anchorage for a month to do some contract work. I went to stock up on supplies at the local grocery store when I saw the Raven's Brew Deadman's Reach package. Admittedly it was the artwork that first captured my attention, but I figured if the coffee was half as good as the packaging, it was worth the gamble. The coffee wasn't half as good as the artwork, it was seven thousand times better than the artwork, millions of powerful coffee molecules smacking my taste buds around and giving me a much needed early morning kick in the butt. I've had it shipped to me wherever I've lived (California, North Dakota) ever since.”
—J. Chappell, Grand Forks, North Dakota

“In September 2011, our youngest son completed United States Coast Guard boot camp and was assigned aboard a cutter in Ketchikan, AK. My husband and I accompanied our son to his first duty station (ALASKA! Yay!). While in Ketchikan, my mom, having found "Raven's Brew" while surfing the web about Ketchikan and knowing that my husband and I are true coffee lovers, texted to alert me to try your coffee. We happened to discover Raven's Brew when we stopped at a little local drive-thru coffee stop. We had the best time during our twelve day stay and looked forward to stopping at "Brewed Awakening" each morning before going out on our hiking trails. Discovering your coffee in the grocery store, we bought 10 bags to bring home with us (from Ketchikan to Fort Lauderdale, Florida) unaware we have a local purveyor and unaware of the Raven's Brew website!!! We were without our computers while vacationing in Ketchikan or I'm certain we'd have checked in on you! Please know since we've found you, you have found your way into our home and into the homes of our loved ones! We had a family wedding in December and guested 10 family members here in our home. We ALL enjoyed Raven's Brew (morning and night!) So, whaddya know? For Christmas 2011, we presented all three children with coffee grinders and Santa Caws! Oh, happy day! We ALL love ya'! And, of course, we've told two friends, and they've told two friends, and they've told two friends! Continued success on your 20th celebration!”
—S. Filippone, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“You are so right when you say the coffee brings people together. I went to California State University - Sacramento and my favorite professor there had a son who was in the Coast Guard in Alaska. I would visit my professor as often as he allowed upon graduating said, what to me felt extremely sad, goodbye. Through the years I still have gone up north to visit him every couple years, and he makes time for me. On one visit we were talking about our enjoyment of coffee and he told me he knew of 'some really good stuff.' He said he found it in Alaska while visiting his son, in Ketchikan, I believe. He would order it and the smells coming from the box upon delivery were quite heavenly. So, he wrote down his two favorites - Resurrection Blend and Deadman's Reach - for me to try. I ordered them and have always loved them. After I got married I introduced my husband to them and he especially likes it when I order a box of Ravens Brew various coffees. And, he knows the story of how my dear friend, my professor - recommended this coffee to me. It brings back many fond memories and words of advice given to me by him whenever I drink it.”
—L. Marsh, Chino Hills, California

“Twenty years ago I was in the Air Force stationed in Texas with this guy named Jamie Beech. One evening, after our families had finished some great BBQ, Jamie brewed up some coffee his brother had just sent him from Alaska. He proudly told the story of his brother and Raven's Brew as we relaxed and enjoyed. We'll never forget Jamie and Michelle, the times we had or the cups we shared. Thank you Michael.”
—G. Lorenzen, Wells, New York

“5 years ago I retired from California and started working in Coldfoot, Alaska, in the Alaskan bush. A few of my coworkers and I would trade coffees as a select few of us would bring a favorite brand to sustain us through the tourist season. What first caught my eye was the Deadman's Reach logo on a cup. I asked my coworker about it and he gave me a sample of the Raven's Brew Deadman's Reach coffee to try. I was hooked immediately. 5 years later I continue to consider Raven's Brew my favorite coffees. I proudly wear the t-shirs and love the logos. I like to give Raven's Brew coffee as gifts and have delighted friends and family with a surprise shipment of several of my favorite blends. I still trade coffee with coworkers and have brought many to nirvana with Raven's Brew! I never travel without my french press and Raven's Brew coffees in my backpack or suitcase.”
—J. Veats, Coldfoot, Alaska

“I did not know that your coffee line existed until this Labor Day, Sept. 5, 2011. My daughter and I were visiting Lincoln, NM and we were looking at the shops, and taking the Billy the Kid tour. All of the shops in that little town are unique, but when we walked into a shop and saw your line of coffee - I was immediately captivated by the artwork and then I read about your location. I bought the Bruin Blend, because Bear has always been my power animal. That was a positive omen. When I came home and tried your coffee, I was more than satisfied. It was great! I started to tell everyone I know about it, and I selected 'like' on my Facebook page. Thank you so much!”
—P. Crider, Socorro, New Mexico

“I found you while vacationing in the Wallowas. I stopped in the Matterhorn gift shop to get a latte and spotted the T-Shirt. I had to have it. I Love Ravens. Then I saw the coffee on the shelf under the shirts and figured since we were running low on coffee I also picked up a bag of Wicked Wolf. Yummo!!!! I had a little left from or vacation & am using in my Espresso Machine. Heaven. I love the artwork you use for your products. I wanted to decorate my kitchen with a coffee theme. I'm thinking your artwork may be what I go with. Love it! Wish your products were in the Hillsboro, OR area!”
—R. Wilson, Hillsboro, Oregon

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